Are your electrical appliance safe?

An electrical accident is 12 times more likely to be fatal than other types accident.

Why is PAT testing important for fire safety?

PAT tests are important to ensure that safety standards are maintained when using electrical appliances. ... In conclusion, after a purchase of any electrical equipment, ensure that PAT tests are done. Also, it is essential to have PAT testing done in intervals to uphold safety standards at all times.

What needs PAT testing?

• Portable appliances - Kettle, toaster, iron, fan heater, food processor, microwave

• Business equipment – PC's, Monitors, Printers, fax machines, power packs

• Moveable equipment- Equipment with wheels, electric fire, A/C unit, TV, lamps

• Hand held appliances- Electric tools, soldering iron, hair dryer, battery charger’s Stationary   appliances - Fridge, freezer, washing machine.